Discover how this new gum is revolutionizing the hair products market, giving you years of results in less than 12 weeks.

No more unhealthy and lifeless hair. Beautiful, healthy hair with better growth for you and your whole family.

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Ensure your body receives 100% of the recommended daily amount of calcium for normal bone maintenance with a balanced diet supplemented with Forever Calcium™. It contains three distinct sources of calcium, combined with vitamin D and magnesium, essential elements to maximize absorption and contribute to the maintenance of bones under normal conditions.

Science has proven that as we age our ability to absorb calcium decreases. In fact, some studies reveal that the ability to absorb calcium from our diet is reduced by 60% from childhood to adulthood. So, what can we do to have healthy bones and teeth? The new and improved Forever CalciumTM formula provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of Calcium with a patented formula to improve its absorption.

Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions and contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and neurotransmission (1).

It also contains vitamin D, which contributes to the normal absorption and use of Calcium and Phosphorus, to the maintenance of normal levels of Calcium in the blood and to the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions (2). Furthermore, it is effectively combined with Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese and vitamin C, which contribute to the maintenance of bones under normal conditions (3).

The strength of your body depends on you and this comes from within. Dicalcium Malate, Forever's new Calcium presentation formula, is extremely effective in promoting optimal bone development, as it remains in the bloodstream longer and does not interfere with the stomach's natural pH balance.

In order to combat our inability to absorb calcium as we age, a dietary supplement with the best quality whole calcium is vital to protect against loss of bone density. Contains soy.

(1) (2) (3) Its daily consumption provides a significant amount of the recommended daily dose (>15%) of these vitamins and minerals to obtain the beneficial effect.

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More beautiful, healthier hair with better growth!


13 key ingredients , including biotin, to repair and strengthen hair. 2 SweetBunny® gummies per day will help improve the quality of your hair in 30 days. Your hair will be fuller, shinier and grow faster.

Number 1 for your hair

Why we are the best

Result in the first weeks of use

2 SweetBunny® gummies per day will help improve the quality of your hair in 30 days. Your hair is supported to look fuller, shinier and grow faster.

Your nails more resistant and immunity strengthened

Let's solve your hair problems

Are you suffering from any of these problems?

- Unhealthy and weak hair

- Hair loss after pregnancy or illness

- Hair without vitality

- Brittle hair causing many split ends

- Hair breakage

Sweetbunny will solve all this.

100% Sustainable

We dedicate a lot of time and attention to developing our product. We not only want to be good for people, but also for the planet. Therefore, we constantly work to make our product and our company even more sustainable.

0% Sugar

Here at SweetBunny® we try to avoid sugar as much as possible in our daily lives. That's why we went to our factory in 2020, to develop an even better vitamin bunny, without sugar. We replace it with Maltitol: a sweetener with 90% of the sweetness of sugar and with normal use it has no side effects or negative influences. And, to a lesser extent, also by isomalt: a sugar substitute widely used because it has no impact on your blood sugar level.

Those who know recommend

Result after less than 2 months of using the magic gummies. It's easier than you think.

Our mission is to give people confidence back.

Many men and women have to deal with hair problems and continue to wear it for a long time. Probably because they think it belongs only to them, that it's in their genes. This is partially true. But you can certainly change the quality of your hair. The success of hair vitamins is that you improve your hair from within. Due to the high doses of biotin and other vitamins and minerals, your hair follicles are nourished from within, so you have stronger, shinier hair and better hair growth.

No more weak and lifeless hair

Support your hair health with SweetBunny gummies for beautiful, healthy, better-growing hair. Your hair will be stronger, shinier and softer. SweetBunny's delicious hair vitamins are scientifically formulated to support all hair types. Made with the highest quality Biotin, Vitamin E and Bamboo Extract , along with other vital nutrients to nourish your hair.

90 days guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our product that we offer an exclusive guarantee to our customers.

If you order 3 or more bottles of our vitamins, you can participate in our 90 Day Challenge.

If you do not see any visible results after a minimum period of 90 days, you are entitled to a full refund. This offer only applies to your first* order placed on our website.


What is the SweetBunny vitamin for?

SweetBunny® hair vitamins provide your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins needed to grow strong, long hair. Here are some benefits of our formula:

- Stimulates hair growth
- Prevents hair breakage
- Nourishes the scalp and hair
- Maintains hair strength and elasticity

How should I take it?

Every day, chew two SweetBunny® gummies to get the nutrients you need. There is no need to exceed the recommended dosage.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

When the effect of vitamins occurs varies from person to person. Most of our clients report that they experience positive results after just a few weeks. On average, you should plan at least three months before getting good results. For good results it is important to take the gummies daily.

What is biotin?

Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is considered the beauty vitamin par excellence, as it is responsible for the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. Biotin prevents split ends and hair becomes stronger and shinier. It cannot be produced by the body itself, so it is important to eat it as part of a well-balanced diet. As this is often difficult to implement in everyday life, it is advisable to take our hair vitamins as a supplement or apply a multi-month conditioning hair treatment to strengthen your hair.

Are your vitamins safe for pregnant women?

We strongly recommend that our users consult their healthcare professional if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Our nutritional data may be shown to your healthcare professional who can provide appropriate advice.

How does the guarantee work?

If you ordered 3 or more bottles of our vitamins, you are automatically included in our 90 Day Challenge! If you see no visible results after a minimum period of 90 days, you are entitled to a full refund. This offer only applies to your first* order placed on our website. IMPORTANT: You must return all empty bottles to complete the return process.