SweetBunny® Hair Vitamins are essential for:

👌🏻 Beautiful, healthy hair with better growth
💅🏻 Stronger, faster-growing nails that don't break or break
🌱 100% vegan, 0% sugar
🐶 Free from animal cruelty
🍓 Super tasty raspberry and blueberry flavored gummies!

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Number 1 for your hair

Why we are the best

Result in the first weeks of use

2 SweetBunny® gummies per day will help improve the quality of your hair in 30 days. Your hair is supported to look fuller, shinier and grow faster.


100% vegan product

We solve your hair problems

Are you suffering from any of these problems?

- Unhealthy and weak hair

- Hair loss after pregnancy or illness

- Hair without vitality

- Brittle hair causing many split ends

- Hair breakage

Sweetbunny will solve all this.


We dedicate a lot of time and attention to developing our product. We not only want to be good for people, but also for the planet. Therefore, we constantly work to make our product and our company even more sustainable.

0% Sugar

Here at SweetBunny® we try to avoid sugar as much as possible in our daily lives. That's why we went to our factory in 2020, to develop an even better vitamin bunny, without sugar. We replace it with Maltitol: a sweetener with 90% of the sweetness of sugar and with normal use it has no side effects or negative influences. And, to a lesser extent, also by isomalt: a sugar substitute widely used because it has no impact on your blood sugar level.

13 key ingredients , including biotin, to repair and strengthen hair. 2 SweetBunny® gummies per day will help improve the quality of your hair in 30 days. Your hair will be fuller, shinier and grow faster.

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  • Incredible!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I got a 3 month supply of these gummies after seriously damaging my hair with bleach, and in the end my hair came back from the damage and actually grew back and looked healthier (along with using coconut oil). They have a lovely flavor, so remembering them is not a task. I am absolutely ecstatic with this product and will definitely buy them again! - Tara (Portugal)


    My hair, skin and nails are at their best with the help of the sweet bunny. Amazing product. My nails became super strong. - Maria (Brazil)

  • Excellent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Good vitamins! Good flavor and great results! Good product. Fast delivery! - Irene (Portugal)